Sitting down for a prolonged period, over-priced food, and long T.S.A lines are generally what comes to mind when we hear the word “Airline”. But before we try to fly past those security lines and grab our seats on the plane, we still have to chose the airline we want to fly with!

As the years have passed by, planes have gotten bigger, commute times have decreased, and more and more airlines have sprung up. But, which one of these airlines gives us exactly what we want?

Are you still sitting and waiting for the plane crew to show up? Just found out your bags are arriving on the next flight? Two delivery guys randomly decided not to deliver can soda’s to your plane?

Don’t worry! Here are the top 5 Airlines with the Highest Quality Ratings in the United States!

5: Alaska Airlines

Founded in 1932, Alaska Airlines has an airline quality rating of -0.65 with an average of 0.42 complaints per 1000 enplanements.

Dropped off your checked bag? This airline will make sure it is not going to another destination! Alaska Airlines only loses 2.72 baggage’s per 100,000 that have been checked. Looks like you won’t be frequenting the lost baggage claim line!

With flights being delayed for various reasons that we don’t always understand, Alaska Airlines has an on-time performance of 86.2%!

4. Jetblue

The 6th largest airlines in the United States, Jetblue has an airline quality rating of -0.61 with an average 1.17 complaints per 1000 passengers.

This airline has an average mishandled baggage ratio of 2.00 lost bags per 10,000.

Coming in at 75.4%, although Jetblue is a well renowned airline it can definitely use improvements on it’s on-time performance. Hopefully this average has improved by the time of this writing.

3. Delta Airlines

If you live in the United States, you might have heard of Delta Airlines.

Founded in 1924, Delta has an Airline Quality rating of -0.60 with roughly 0.72 complaints per 1000 passengers.

Losing a bit more bags than our previous two competitors, this airline loses an average of 2.30 bags per 10,000 passengers.

However, this airline has an on-time performance roughly 8.3% more than Jetblue Airlines at 83.7%. So if you need to be somewhere on time, chose Delta over Jetblue! (oh, and remember to try their cookies. They are irresistible!)

2. Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is the largest airlines in Hawaii and the 8th largest commercial airline in the United States. This airline has an airline quality rating of -0.53. Getting only 0.89 complaints per 1000 passengers, you are sure to feel like you’re on vacation!

This airline has a slightly less average of losing your checked bags than Delta Airlines at roughly 2.20 per 10,000 passengers.

However, the on-time performance for Hawaiian Airlines is at a whopping 91.9% making sure you reach the beach on time for a mesmerizing sunset.

1. Virgin Airlines

Landing all over the world and also its place for number 1 on our list, Virgin Airlines has a quality airline rating of -0.30 with about 1.14 complaints per 1000 passengers.

When it comes to handling your baggage, Virgin Airlines makes sure you do not end up at your destination with just your laptop bag. Only misplacing about 0.95 per 10,000 checked passengers.

Although Virgin Airlines is number 1 on our list for having the best quality airline rating, the on-time performance for this airline lacks a bit compared to some of our mentions above. Virgin Airlines is on-time at least 81.5% of the time!

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