Whether we are visiting a Doctor’s office for a regular check-up or being rushed to the hospital, we usually expect to receive some standard of medical service.

Unfortunately, this is not always the case and things can sometimes take a turn for the worst!

So we have compiled a list of the Top 5 Most Disturbing Cases of Medical Malpractice!

5. Doctors Perform Open-Heart Surgery on Wrong Patient

Wrong Patient

In 2002, A 67-year-old woman, Joan Morris was admitted to a have cerebral angiography performed. Once the doctors completed the procedure, they mistakenly transferred Ms. Morris to a different floor than the one she was originally on.

Instead of being discharged in the morning, she was taken in for an open-heart surgery. The mistake was not realized until an hour later when a doctor called and asked what his patient was doing over there.

She was okay however, the procedure was canceled and she was returned to her room in stable condition.

4. Doctors Ignore Patient Symptoms, Resulting in Death


On June 19, 2008, a 49-year-old woman died unnoticed on the hospital floor at Kings County Hospital. Esmin Green had been in the waiting room for nearly 24 hours before collapsing to the floor and slowly dying.

A video of Esmin Green collapsing can be found right here.

You can see other patients and a guard present in the waiting room watching Ms. Green as she collapsed. Sadly, they did nothing to help her.

You can see other patients and a guard present in the waiting room watching Ms. Green as she collapsed. Sadly, they did nothing to help her.

However, since the incident, the City’s Health and Hospitals Corporation has taken full responsibility of the situation. Eventually, New York City agreed to pay the family of Esmin Green $2 million dollars.

Hopefully this helped bring changes in the health care system!

3. Surgeons Forget Tools inside of their Patient


On June 2000, a 49-year-old man Donald Church went in to surgery to have a tumor removed from his abdomen. Although Mr. Church had the tumor removed, he got a surprise souvenir during his surgery.

The surgeons performing the procedure left a 13-foot malleable retractor inside of Mr. Church. The instrument is intended to be held partially outside of an opening during a surgery. However, it somehow slipped inside of Mr. Church during the surgery.

The instrument was eventually removed upon being discovered but Mr. Church was not happy, saying “the pain never went away after the operation…” and “As soon as I got home after a week from the hospital, the instrument began causing problems”.

He did not suffer from any long term health issues after its removal and a settlement was reached between the Washington Medical Center and Mr. Church for the amount of $97,000.

2. Man Regains Consciousness during Surgery


This is everyone’s worst nightmare going into surgery, waking up while it’s being performed.

Such a case occurred in 2006 when a 73-year-old Minister from West Virginia, Sherman Sizemore went in for surgery but suffered a rare condition of anesthesia awareness. The surgery was initially intended to explore the cause of abdominal pains Mr. Sizemore had been experiencing for some time.

The attending surgeons did not realize that Mr. Sizemore was experiencing severe discomfort and continuous pain during the procedure. Mainly because when a patient is suffering from anesthesia awareness, he/she is able to feel every ounce of pain during surgery but is unable to let anyone know. At one point, Mr. Sizemore even thought he was being buried alive.

It was later discovered that the anesthesiologists present during the surgery did not give Mr. Sizemore an adequate amount of anesthesia to keep him unconscious.

Sadly, two weeks after the surgery Mr. Sizemore committed suicide.

1. Amputated Wrong leg

Some patients are fortunate enough to only end up a few scratches and wild stories from medical malpractice they may have experienced. Others however, are not as fortunate and may have to deal with serious long-term consequences from surgeon mistakes.

In 1995, a 52-year man, Mr. Willie King was admitted to University Community Hospital in Tampa, Florida to have his leg amputated.

Unfortunately, somehow the surgeons present ended up amputating the wrong leg. By the time the surgeons had realized what they had done it was too late so they had to complete the procedure.

As a result, the surgeon had his medical license revoked and was fined $10,000 for the mistake. The hospital ended up paying Mr. King $900,000, and the surgeon also personally paid him an additional $250,000.

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