Few stars are not making as many headlines these days as Miley Cyrus. The former Disney starlet, who first burst onto TV screens worldwide thanks to a little show called “Hannah Montana,” has truly come of age in the public eye. Also It is no secret Miley is a fierce woman, Who likes to speak her mind. So we’ve rounded up 10 of the most shocking moments of Miley Cyrus.

10. Her ‘Tongue’

Top Miley Cyrus
Photo: MyHotPosters

Miley Cyrus has came a  long way sing her Disney Hit TV Show, and has since started a number of trends. One of which is her ‘tongue’. She can be seen in many videos and pictures online with her tongue out and usually accompanied with a funny facial expression.

9. No more locks?

Photo: RawAnthonyNader

In early 2013 it was evident that Miley wanted to move on from Hannah Montana. As a way of pointing out that she was done with that chapter in her life and ready to begin another one, she chopped off her long locks. After doing so, she went on to tweet “Never felt more me in my whole life” which of course, went viral!

8. Lingerie Show off

Photo: Warner Bros.

Cyrus has definitely not been shy of showing skin. But she has also not been shy in showing off her lingerie. In her 2010 Music Video ‘Who Owns My Heart’. Miley was filmed rolling around on a bed in just some sexy lingerie. She has also appeared in a number of music video’s with a certain number of clothes on.

7. Miley and Snoop?

Photo: TrebleZine

An unlikely pairing, however nothing is ever off the tables in the world of entertainment. The pair teamed up to record a song called ‘Ashtrays & Heartbreaks’, which definitely helped speed along Miley’s transition to a more mature style of pop star!

6. Twerking

Photo: Favim

Twerking wasn’t invented by Miley Cyrus of course however, she definitely assisted in making it a trend and added it to her showcase of iconic moves. The peroxide-haired superstar gained a lot of media attention and criticism when she fully reintroduced herself to the world with her music video “We Cant Stop” in mid 2013!

5. Pole-Dancing At The Teen Choice Awards!

Photo: New York Daily

Back in 2009, Miley shocked parents and young viewers when she decided to incorporate a pole-dancing routine to her TCA performance. As Miley was still very much still in her Hannah Montana days, she was expected to keep her routine as PG as possible, but that didn’t stop the ever-controversial singer

4. 2008 Vanity Fair Cover Outrage

Photo: HuffingtonPost

In 2008, Miley caused a lot of controversy when she posed for the cover of the US fashion publication wearing only a white sheet. She later went on to say that she “felt embarrased” and “…the photo shoot was supposed to be ‘artistic’.”

3. Wild Child

2015 MTV Video Music Awards - Press Room
Photo: Getty Images

Miley has also received a lot of criticism for a number of her actions. Everything from sticking her middle finger up at the camera to smoking a cigarette for the photoshoot. However, Miley has built up a very public persona of being a wild child and does not intend on going off of any criticism she receives from the media.

2. Stripping

Photo: OnionStatic

The US superstar did it again in September 2013 when she bared all, literally. In her emotional music video ‘Wrecking Ball’, Miley stripped off while straddling a demolition ball and crying into the camera as she opened up in the powerful video.

1. Miley’s 2013 MTV Video Music Awards #Twerk

Photo: Rolling Stone

In 2013, managed to surprise the world with her  performance of ‘We Can’t Stop’ with Robin Thicke. The performance set a stage for Cyrus to shed away her young appearance and keep people talking about it for a very long time.

Source(s): Huffington Post

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